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A Tale of Two Days

On Monday, Attila decided we all needed a fun day.

We decided to go to one of the small fishing lakes near the village of Glodeni to fish and have a picnic. Adel, Attila, their boys, and we packed up a van, and off we went!

We were joined by all the children from New Life Children’s Home in Peris, along with their house parents, Csaba and Ibolya. Iza, the administrative assistant, her husband, Gerger, and two children joined us, along with Laura, the social worker, and our friend from Reghin and translator Orsi.

What a great day it was! The weather was perfect!

Floyd and Attila set up rods & reels and helped the children who wanted to fish.

We sat, visited, and enjoyed fellowship as all the children played—running around, catching frogs, crawfish, and minnows in a nearby stream.

It was a really exciting day! Two of the children caught their first fish and one of them caught 5 fish.

As dinner time approached, the men set up the grill and cooked mici, sausages, pork, and chicken. The ladies cut up tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers for salad. We filled our plates and enjoyed our picnic!

A pair of swans glided back and forth across the lake as a large herd of sheep grazed on the hillside. The setting was so peaceful and beautiful.

The dessert was cut watermelons. Attila had seen on the Ware Shoals FBC Facebook page a Wednesday Watermelon Competition during fellowship time. He divided us into two teams. Under Floyd’s direction, the peaceful tranquility was broken as each team tried to outdo the other with a watermelon seed spitting contest and flipping seeds into a plate.

As darkness began to settle, we packed up and headed to our homes. It was a fantastic day being together in God’s beautiful outdoors.

After the break, Tuesday was a work day!

Adel and Bonnie headed back to the polytunnels. Adel picked 6 crates of cucumbers and Bonnie picked 3 crates of peppers. It's hot, dirty, but necessary work.

Attila and I met with Iza to go over Associata Teleios finances and work out plans for the future, including how to prepare for and meet unexpected expense items like this month’s gas and electricity bills.

Afterward, we came home. Attila and Floyd went to Apalina Baptist Church for the midweek Prayer Meeting and a Leadership meeting.

It was a long day but a very “fruitful” day compared to Monday's “vegetable” day!


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