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Friends and Partners in the Gospel

The whole family, Mpeli, Neema, Maka, Sam, Catherine, Kim, Sarah (Neema and Bonnie’s Mwasanjala sister), Bonnie, and Floyd, were invited to lunch by Benson Nyondo and his wife, Suzana.

It was a feast. The best chicken of this trip! Beef kabobs, potatoes, plain rice, pilau, spinach, traditional cooked peas/carrots, watermelon, bananas, cooked chopped tomatoes, and hot pepper (pili-pili sauce).

We have known Nyondo for years—we met him on one of our first trips to Mbeya about 15 years ago. Nyondo was the first to introduce us to a whole roasted goat. He has been and is a great supporter and champion of Daily Bread Life.

The family is a leader in caring for orphans and vulnerable families in the area. Nyondo and Suzana celebrate 35 years of marriage on Monday. Bonnie and I had the honor of laying hands on them and offering a prayer of blessing and thanksgiving for their marriage.

We had special guests with us, Godwin and Eva Mwamposa. The Mwaisumbe family goes back a long ways with this couple. I met him on my April 2022 trip.

Tomorrow, we dedicate a new church plant in Uyole, Mbeya District of Tanzania. The pastor is Seme Rogers, a very humble and committed church planter/pastor. Join us in prayer for this occasion.

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