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Mpeli and Neema's Visit

Mpeli and Neema Mwaisumbe were in the USA for 23 days. Eighteen of those days were spent with Teleios Ministry partners and five days were in Phoenix with Rev. James Hayes, Vine, and Branches Global Ministries.

Their time began slowly with some rest but quickly picked up the pace.

With Teleios, they participated in worship with Acts Fellowship in Greenville and First Baptist Church in Ware Shoals. At each, they led the Lord’s Supper and shared from God’s Word and Daily Bread Life. There were so many invitations to spend time with friends from the various mission teams over the years and new friends!

October 10th was a big day of firsts.

The Eastern Cares Golf Classic was held at Saluda Valley Golf Course, Piedmont as a fundraiser for Daily Bread Life Children’s Home and its ministries. Neema and Mpeli had never been to the annual fundraiser, never seen golf played, and never swung a golf club. Being able to hit a golf ball for the first time was a highlight for them.

They were shocked that the golf tournament raised over $80,000 for Daily Bread Life!

Mpeli renewed his love for BBQ pork ribs and Neema for “tender” steak. They really enjoyed being able to walk the neighborhoods and experience southern life and western life. They even made it to the Mexican border in Arizona.

They also came to appreciate and understand in a different way what it means for a mission team to travel to Tanzania. Airports, long flights, delays, security-security-security, customs, immigration, and jet lag! Their trip was 30+ hours coming over and 27 hours going home.

Thanking God for this time with them and sharing their love and friendship with Teleios partners.


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