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Teenagers, Teaching and Farm

Bonnie and Floyd began their day teaching at Cornerstone. Very good time with the Bible School students.

After we left the Bible School, we went to Bread of Life Secondary School in Kidete. The students in Form 2 (10th grade) and Form 4 (12th grade) are taking extra time to prepare for national exams in September. This is actually their holiday.

Five of these students were from Daily Bread Life Children’s Home. Joyce, Happy, Moses, Saraphina, Edward, and Ronaldo were at BLSS and we were able to spend time with them. Their English is so good. Knowing where they can from and seeing how much progress they have made is life is so encouraging.

Floyd and Mpeli went over the Daily Bread Farm Kidete. Just after COVID, a commitment was made to enlarge the farm to meet two objectives:

  1. Produce enough vegetables and milk to feed the home and school

  2. Produce vegetables and milk for market.

The good news is that the farms are well on its way.

The farm is now four times larger. Mpeli brought experienced farm help from the Tukuyu area to work the farm. The dairy herd is now at 3 cows and 5 calves. Irrigation has been added as well increased water supply for the farm.

Today there was an issue in the water supply. Mpeli discovered a capacitor, switch and wire had been shorted. All is up and running for tomorrow.

Tomorrow is teaching again and visiting café (business that supports DBL).


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