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Visiting with the Kis Family and the Hope Group

We spent the night with Otto and Elizabeth Kis and discussed current partnerships this morning. Their ministry is with people with disabilities, the Roma (Gypsy) people, and church planting.

For lunch and afternoon, we visited with long-time family partners, the Borzasi Family: Gyula, Marta; David and Kinga (children: Matte, Nathan); and Peter and Krista (Camila, Christoff) for lunch. Gyula and Marta were our first contact in Romania and Teleios partner from August 1999. We have watched David and Peter grow up from children who were the age their own children are now!

We had a great lunch of cherry fruit soup (Floyd’s favorite), salmon, and fresh vegetables. Dessert was another favorite - homemade apple crumble with ice cream!

The late afternoon and evening were spent visiting the storage and workshop for the ministry. Wheelchairs and medical equipment are received from European countries and then refurbished. The equipment is given and distributed to people with disabilities and medical facilities. Today a hospital called seeking medical beds.

There are also some clothes and a food bank for “poor families” in the area. They have also provided needs for distribution through churches in Ukraine. All of this work is done as a ministry to present Jesus Christ to those in need in the community. The lack of quality disability equipment and medical equipment is critical. Today also, a lady whose wheelchair had broken called seeking help.

Otto and Elisabeth lead the “Hope Group” which provides a holistic approach to ministry to the people with disabilities community—responding to the needs of people with disabilities and their caregivers. They provide summer camps, weekly Bible study and worship, groups for children with disabilities, and some specialized therapies. They also host events for the disabled community.

Otto is the pastor of the Pucaresti Baptist Church and is planting another church in Sacele. We have been partnered with Otto and Elisabeth since 2006. Floyd taught Otto in Seminary 2003-2005. Elizabeth was Bonnie’s translator in August 1999. We have walked with them through their marriage and parenting their two children, Benjamin and Rhode. This year, Benjamin goes to a university in Cluj and Rhode is a senior in high school.

We enjoyed a wonderful dinner by the “Red Lake” in the mountains just above Sacele. Grilled pork and pork ribs, peasant soup, mics (Romanian-type grilled sausage), pickled roasted red peppers, cabbage salad, French fries…so good! Beautiful setting and a wonderful dinner!


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