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Wedding Prep

Wednesday and Thursday morning were days of hard work, dancing, people arriving from across Tanzania and beyond, women gathering to prepare for the meals: cleaning the rice, peeling pounds of garlic, and bags of tomatoes, peppers, and onions. The grill master has been working since Wednesday morning—Thursday at noon is the Nyama Choma (grilled seasoned goat meat—I saw two goats ready to cook).

The women of the community and ACTS Fellowship came together to get everything ready—Pre-wedding and wedding food committee.

Thursday morning, this morning, they arrived before dawn to begin the work. The wedding is a community affair. The parents are not fully responsible—there are committees who handled things from food, decorations, fundraising, invitations, and an overall committee. Yes, we had a rehearsal at the church.

Harry Mwasanjala, Neema and Bonnie’s father, arrived from Tukuyu. Great reunions! First met him in April 2004—his invitation led to all we do in Tanzania.

Can’t wait for the wedding! This afternoon is the worship service. Then, pictures and a rest. At 6:30, the reception begins!

No posts until Friday as it will be early morning before all is finished! Then Bonnie and I get up, get ready, and fly out of Iringa at 10:30 AM for Dar es Salaam.


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