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Welcome HOME Dr Froyd and Mama Bonnie

We left Mbeya early this morning for Iringa. The trip went very well. We had lunch at the Isabili Cafe--some grilled chicken and beef.

Bonnie, Neema, Mpeli, Maka, Sam, and I arrived in Iringa at Daily Bread Life Children's Home this afternoon. Nothing compares to their welcome!

They are smiling, singing, dancing, and clapping. This time they had the old drums going. Happy and Winnie led the first song and Winnie and Juliette led the second. There were many new faces. A special time was the recording of Happy Birthday for friend and partner, Dean Kaufman, on his 99th birthday.

As I was listening to the children, Isaya who was in one of the first groups to come to Daily Bread Life Children's Home. That was over 15 years ago. Isaya translated for Bonnie and I. He is very involved with the children. He is currently enrolled in college.

A great time of celebrating God as work!


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