Instead of filling your loved ones' Christmas stockings with candy and knickknacks, consider including a small, meaningful gift that will make a real impact. 

Are you looking for a larger gift? Download our entire Christmas Catalog and find the perfect gift! You can give directly online, just don't forget to specify which gift you've chosen or to tell us if it's in memory or honor of someone special.


Mosquito Nets
Water Tap
Soaker Hose

Looking for something small that will make a lasting impact? A pack of seeds will help feed a Kenyan family throughout the season.

Provide a tool to help support vocational and skills training in order to help someone become financially independent.

With the installation of water wells in several areas, a hose at each home is an ideal next step to help get water to the kitchen gardens and improve the quality of a family's food.

Bibles are scarce. Give the gift of God's Word so that a dedicated brother or sister in Christ (or a new believer) can be faithful in their study.

With the construction of a new well in the Lamuria area underway, water taps connecting homes to the well will soon become a necessity. 



With the Peris Children's Home nearing completion and preparing to take in children, something as basic as a bathroom towel will help to make the orphanage feel like a real home for them.

Arts & Crafts time at camp is always a favorite -- for the kids and counselors! Taking home something made with their own hands produces confidence and pride in the child.

Camp scholarships allow Gypsy children who’ve often never left their villages have a chance to not only experience God’s incredible creation, but to learn of His great love for them.

Every home needs cleaning supplies. As the Peris Children's Home nears opening, a home with 12-14 children really does!

With the Peris Children's Home nearing completion, a gift of a bedding package will help ensure that every child has a pillow, sheets, and blanket on their bed.

Cleaning Supplies
Bedding Package
Arts & Crafts Kit
Camp Scholarship


Mosquito Net

Many children don't have a bed of their own, and those who do often lack the amenities we take for granted, such a soft pillow to sleep on.


Each year, 80,000 people in Tanzania die from malaria, most of them children. Mosquito nets don't eliminate the risk of contracting the disease, but they do reduce it significantly.

Lab Glassware

Supply a family with a higher nutrition egg and, eventually, a more tender meat than a local chicken.

Gift a family with a hearty goat that will produce a more nutritious milk than a less expensive local animal.

Every good science lab requires slides, test tubes, etc. As students work, even when taking care, these items often get broken. Help us keep their glass cabinet well stocked.




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