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Family Enrichment and an Anniversary in Tanzania

Bonnie, Neema, and Mpeli met Alan and Elaine Stanford (and me) in Mbeya last Saturday to begin our week of serving together. Bonnie reintroduced Alan to Harry Mwasanjala after 14 years. We visited with Harry and Jeni on Saturday and showed Alan and Elaine the Tukuyu property. Bonnie was proud of her coffee and banana crop. Avocados are being introduced this year. Sunday we worshipped with Efraim and Prisca Mwansasu at their new church plant in Mbeya. Great time of worship and prayer for them and their family.

Alan and Elaine's 40th Wedding Anniversary was Sunday so we had a special dinner for them. Sunday through Tuesday night was the Minister Family Enrichment conference at the Ifisi Conference Center, Mbeya. So blessed to have worship led by four of the best gospel singers in East Africa: Efraim Mwansasu, Ambwene, Chapayota, and Mwaliswu (Raymond). The Daily Bread Life team did a great job with the conference. Elaine especially enjoyed the music even joining in the "conga line" dancing. Alan and Elaine did a great job on parenting and the Biblical basis of marriage. Floyd and Bonnie focused on a growing marriage in ministry and the expectations and challenges of pastor/wife marriage.

After the conference, Wednesday we headed from Mbeya to Iringa and gave Alan and Elaine a quick tour of the Daily Bread Life Children's Home, Bread of Life Secondary School, farms, and Daily Bread Life associated businesses.

Our last agenda item was the Mwaisumbes and Parkers taking Alan and Elaine back to Ruaha National Park for a safari as a 40th anniversary surprise. Safari pictures to follow.

Today, Saturday, we few from Ruaha to Dar es Salaam. Now we are heading to Kenya to be with Bernard Kabaru, Robert Muteithia, and Charles Mbuga for 5 days. We will participate in a Marriage Enrichment conference, tour partnership areas, and introduce Alan and Elaine to our Kenyan family.

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