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25 Baptized at Shalom Church

25 baptized at Shalom

Praise the Lord! Twenty-five members of the Shalom Church in Kenya were baptized on Sunday!

Many of those baptized were young people, but we were blessed to see a wide range of ages responding to the ministry in the community, including a man in his seventies that we've known and worked with for years.

The church is led by Robert Muteithia, whose ministry extends well beyond the walls of the church and into the Shalom community. We believe that the Godly example he sets through his life, his passion for serving the less fortunate, and his embodiment of servant leadership has allowed him to make a real and lasting difference in the lives of those around him.

Please continue to keep Robert, the church in Shalom, and all our Kenyan brothers and sisters in Christ in your prayers.

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