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Catching up with the Kennys and Days

The Kennys and Days are in Nairobi finishing up some last-minute shopping and enjoying a meal before they head to the airport. Their KLM flight was canceled—BUT, they were rebooked on Kenya Airways for a Nairobi to JFK, New York, and then home. Glad they do not have long delays.

Saturday they wrapped up their safari and stood on both sides of the equator at Sweetwaters.

They headed back to the Abedares Club for Saturday and Sunday.

Sunday they worshipped for the first time in the new sanctuary of Bellevue Baptist Church. After worship, they enjoyed a delicious meal with Pastor Stephen and Anne. Sunday night, all the families gathered for a final time of fellowship and saying goodbye.

Today, the Kennys and Days were off with Duncan and Charles to the Blue Post for some shopping and Nairobi for lunch. In a few hours, it will be boarding time heading home.


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