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Cucumbers, Pigs, Tangled Necklaces, and Groceries

You might ask, "What do cucumbers, pigs, tangled necklaces, and groceries have to do with ministry?" Well, when you answer God's call to work, that work you end up doing might be some odd or mundane things.

Today before the temperature got too high, Chris, Caleb, and I went to the "poly-tunnels" (greenhouses) to pick cucumbers. We had help from one of the children's home residents, Maria. She was eager to help and found cucumbers that we had overlooked. Attila then took the cucumbers to Reghin to sell. That money helps support the children's home.

Later, Chris was excited to drive Attila's Jeep to the farm. (I believe Attila was really just testing Chris's ability to drive a manual!) So the boys all went to the farm to see the curly-haired pigs. These pigs are also sold to support the children's home.

While the boys were at the farm, I helped Adel and Emi ready clothes for the second-hand store (which also supports the children's home). While we are at camp, Emi's father will be manning the store so the inventory needs to be in place. We stuffed the racks full! Next Orsi and I spent time untangling 2 boxes of jewelry. The necklaces were in incredible knots that also encompassed earrings, rings, brackets, and hair ties. God showed me that I am more patient than I believed I was!

We finished our day going grocery shopping for camp. Chris again was entrusted to drive a big van to Tigu Mures.

Iza had made a careful list of everything we need for camp and Chris, Caleb, Orsi, and I were given parts of the list. Each of us pushed a cart through Selgros (think Sam's Club) and found everything on our lists. We checked out 5 carts of food and supplies, packed everything into the van, drove back to the children's home, and unloaded the van.

Monday morning it all goes back in the van for the drive to camp!

God is in the details. All of these things had to be accomplished before camp. There are people here to do things, but Chris, Caleb, and I were able to do some of the jobs so others were free to take care of more. We may not know what that means on this side of eternity, but God does. He is in the details and I'm just happy He allows me to help.


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