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Day 1 Crammed into an Afternoon

Today's post is from Jeni Dover, who is leading the ACTS Fellowship team in helping with this year's Children's Camp in Romania.

Day 1 of camp is over and things are quieting down.

We started our morning bright and early in Reghin. We had to pack all the food, supplies, and leaders' luggage in the 2 minivans while the bus picked up the children. Everything had to be cleaned and locked up at the children's home, plus picking more cucumbers and tomatoes! Then we were on our way just before 8:30. Whew!

The drive to camp just outside of Baia Mare took about 4 hours. Chris and Attila drove the 2 minivans with the bus not far behind. The roads twist through the mountains so most of the children were sick before the trip was done.

When we arrived, Attila took the task of assigning rooms and we got all the food and luggage unpacked. Our wonderful "kitchen ladies" quickly got to work on lunch as we settled the campers in their rooms.

Then Day 1 officially began! Because of the long journey, everything planned for a full day of camp had to be accomplished in the next 7 hours!

First, there was singing (a camp staple) and then I explained the camp theme: "Jesus Can Change Lives." Our first story was from Luke 8:26-38, about Jesus casting out demons from a man who lived among the tombs. The children practiced memorizing the day's Bible verse then it was outside for a quick snack, some water, and games.

The children and adults have been divided into 3 teams and will earn points for many things throughout the week.

After some fun water games, Team Blue was in the lead. The picture of Caleb with a very surprised look on his face is from the "wet shirt" game where a wet shirt had to be put on and taken off by team members. The laughter from this game was wonderful!

Rotations began next. Adel is leading crafts, Chris and Caleb are teaching science lessons, and Leonard and Zolie are leading drama and music.

During "big group" tonight, a group of children reenacted the morning's Bible story, and the "pigs" were possessed by the cast out demons. After the laughter died down, Chris shared his testimony of being baptized twice because he didn't fully understand his need for repentance the first time. Then Attila closed with a short sermon.

It is incredibly hot here and only we soft Americans seem to be suffering with no AC. The children are already having a great time and we're looking forward to how Jesus will change us this week!


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