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Family and Farms

The Mwaisumbes and the Parkers headed to Tukuyu for see farms that support Daily Bread Life ministries and families. We visited the Mwasanjala family who has adopted us as their own—we are family.

There are four farms all developed to provide for the long-term sustainability of Daily Bread Life ministries and families.

The newest farm is covered with beans, newly planted avocado, and a few bananas. Green, lush crop of beans is a beautiful sight.

The second farm is not as green but is awaiting planting of a new crop. It is planted with avocado that will begin producing next year. We are excited by how well the avocado are doing.

The third farm is predominately bananas. The fourth farm has avocado, bananas, and coffee. A unique feature of the farm is a macadamia tree! It’s a great feeling to eat the fruit of the land and we can’t wait to drink the coffee of the land!

Teleios Ministry is committed to assisting our partners with developing local sustainable business to provide long term support to the fulfillment of their God-given visions. These farms are a part of the fulfillment of the dream of God gave to the Mpeli and Neema Mwaisumbe of Daily Bread Life.

We joined the Mwasanjala family hosted by Mboka Harry Mwasanjala. Bonnie was joined by her sisters, Neema and Christina. We had a surprise visit by our Uncle John.

We had a great family time celebrating being together again after a year.

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