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Feeding the Pigs, Gathering the Corn, and Harvesting the Alfalfa

Saturday began at the farm.

PRAY People Pray! The farm is once again under “control in quarantine” because a wild pig died with a virus within 10 km or 6 miles of the farm. The pigs have not been able to be sold since April and they are getting big!

The corn crop is doing great with plenty of rain this year.

The farm looks great. Praising God for how well the crops are doing!

As a note, we had a real problem with rats/mice, then Attila got a little dog from the Roma in Apalina—he loves the rats/mice—now none to be found!

Due to the problem of bears attacking the pigs, he also has two big dogs that keep the bears away at night! Life is good on the farm!

Adel, Bonnie, and Lydia broke some corn for us to eat! Attila and I gathered some alfalfa for the baby pigs.

Bonnie and I spent the afternoon with Zozo, Alina, and the children. We have not seen them since they went to England several years ago. We had a great time catching up on what God is doing in their life. They have been involved in starting a new church in London.

These are exciting days. Zozo has a great ministry as a taxi driver (and as a leader in the church). Alina is active with the children and connecting with other mothers.

In late afternoon and evening, there was a youth meeting at the house. Singing, praying, discussing, and enjoying some pizza. It was a great time of fellowship and worship. Some of the youth were children in the children’s camps over the years (since before Covid - at least 5 years). They called out Bonnie’s name!


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