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Friends and Leaving in the Morning

Monday was a day for visiting!

We started in the morning with Abigail Dohi and family. It was great seeing the children and catching up with Abigail. Zoli was away, but we're glad that we got to spend time with Abigail.

We went back to the Vekas’ and Jozsef Kovacs came by and we talked about future partnerships regarding a business conference the last weekend in October and developing training for pastors as they minister with business leaders.

The next stop was lunch with Judith and Barna Kovacs (they are with CEF serving in Romania and other areas). Judith had prepared an amazing lunch. Menu: first course: green beans in cream; second: roasted potatoes, cabbage rolls, boneless chicken wrapped in bacon, a BBQ beef stew, chicken livers in gravy, pickled cucumbers, and sautéed vegetables with sauce; dessert: 3 delicious cakes squares, chocolate and vanilla ice cream with a mountain berry sauce. We were stuffed! We sat outside and talked for a long time about everything.

Elizabeth Vekas was waiting on us when we got back to her house—we were running a little late. She and Blanka had prepared Bonnie’s favorite: a grated potato casserole with boiled eggs and cheese—plus sour cream. DELICIOUS.

Tuesday we had breakfast and said our goodbyes to Elizabeth, Blanka, and Benjamin. We had such a great time being with them. Barna and Judith took us to Budapest. Along the way, we met new friends in Judith’s sister and brother-in-law. He got us a snack: fresh plums, pears, grapes, watermelon, peanuts, Hungarian chocolate candy bars, and homegrown plum preserves. Judith had said not to cook and prepare anything. Her sister came and had prepared a different type of green bean cream soup. Thankful they didn’t cook!! We left there stuffed again!! It must be something in Judith’s family! It’s a great family trait!

We met Adina Mike and her son, Barnabas, just outside Budapest and headed off to pick up Abel, the second son, who was coming home from work. We have known the Mike family for 24 years. The four of us had a great meal. I had catfish rolled with spinach, cheese, and a sauce—outstanding! Bonnie had a steak covered in onion rings—outstanding again! We dropped the young men off at their house and headed for Bodrog, the village where Adina and Joseph currently live in a renovated old “hunting castle." We met the other two children Boroka and Jeffy.

On Wednesday we just hung out and talked. It really was a great time. Jozsef is pastor of Bodrog Baptist Church, teaches at the Christian School, and teaches at Music School. Adina teaches at the Christian School Kindergarten. We had a great time. Jozsef showed us around the Christian School and Music School. The Church worships in part of the school.

Early tomorrow morning, we leave for the Budapest Airport and begin our journey home.

Thank all of you who prayed for and with us. Thank you for your encouraging comments and sharing with us on our 48th Anniversary.

Chris, Jeni, and Caleb remain until next week.


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