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God at Work

The Dovers arrived in Bucharest early Thursday morning (EST). Lajos Fekete picked us up at the airport and we began the drive to Sacele.

After a great supper and a good night's sleep, Lajos met us for breakfast and gave us the itinerary for the day.

We were able to spend some time with Otto Kis and hear about the Hope Without Limits ministry.

First, there was a visit to the "shop" where they clean and fix hospital beds, wheelchairs, walkers, and almost any specialized equipment that is needed. Some are sold or rented to those people that can afford it. That helps make it possible to give equipment to others that cannot afford it. There we met Peter who volunteers as a "fix-it" guy. It was such a blessing to have him show us around and share his excitement about the ministry. He also told us how they distribute food in the local Gypsy village.

Next, we were able to visit a therapy session with some of the disabled children. They were all involved in physical and occupational therapy but took time to give hugs and handshakes. None of them were verbal but their smiles were proof they were glad to share that time with us.

Last, we had a short visit at Otto and Elizabeth's home before Lajos picked us up and we made the 4-hour journey to Peris.

As a side note, we were held up in traffic by a convoy of French soldiers on their way to Ukraine. Please continue to pray for the men and women there caught in a tug-of-war between governments.

We spent the afternoon at the children's home in Peris playing with the children and finalizing plans for camp. Adel even sent Chris and me (Jeni) to the store for bread and sour cream for our evening meal! Chris enjoyed helping Lajos fix the headlights on Adel's car. Isn't it wonderful how God uses our talents to minister to others?

We've included a picture of the sunset behind the children's home to remind us all that our Lord is always working and we can see Him if we are just paying attention.


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