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His Word, His World, Our Body, and Our Joy

The three days of singing, teaching, laughing, dancing, and planting have been full days from early morning to evening. ACTS Fellowship, Ushindi Center, hosted a church leader conference they came from as far as an all-day bus ride away. 

Clay Waldrip taught an in-depth, verse by verse, study of Ephesians. Most of the leaders said that they had never had that kind of study.  

Floyd taught Stewardship for Leaders—covering every aspect of life.  

The Bible students were pastors and church leaders—so attentive and asking questions throughout the days. The pastors and church leaders asked Clay to come back and again and again.   

Every afternoon Kristi and Janice covered health and hygiene. Doug led the students at Bread of Life Secondary School in agricultural practices for small plots. The students really enjoyed engaging their teachers, asking questions, and spending time talking about the areas of study. Janice, Kristi, and Doug fell in love with the BLSS students. Today they ended their time together with a celebration with soft drinks and cookies.   

In the evenings, we had a great time being with the DBLCH children. First, they led us in worship with one member of the First Baptist Church Chester team bringing a message. Then, we played, talked, took pictures, and had a great time together. Through it all we were eating fabulous meals prepared by Catherine Mwaisumbe and Neema. This morning the pineapple was awesome! 

Tomorrow the FBC Chester team heads to Ruaha National Park and Mwagusi Safari Camp (absolutely the best safari camp ever!—all Teleios teams enjoy being with Mwagusi) with Maka and Habbakuki (our own Masoko Tours) for safari drives.  

Floyd will remain in Iringa and meet with Mpeli to discuss future plans. On Friday, Floyd flies to Dar es Salaam and on to Nairobi to meet Bonnie with the team of Bill and Debbie Kenny and Keith and Pam Day. 

The Chester team returns Friday night and says goodbye to the DBLCH children before they fly out on Saturday morning. They have been a great team!


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