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Kurtos and Castles! Nut and Cinnamon Kurtos!

Kurtos and castles! Nut and cinnamon Kurtos!

We're on the way to Attila and Adel’s in Reghin with Otto and Elizabeth chauffeured by their son, Benjamin. Adel and the boys, Caleb and Dani were waiting on us.

It was a great reunion—lots of hugs and greetings! We met Rhode, Otto and Elizabeth’s daughter, with Adel! Floyd left for the Peris church to preach at the Thursday night prayer meeting.

Attila arrived back from taking a Ukrainian mother and her daughter back to their home outside of Mikolaiv, Ukraine which is just north of Kherson (the city had been under Russian control but has now been retaken by the Ukraine). This 32-hour trip (over Wednesday and Thursday) took them through Moldova, Odessa, Ukraine, and finally Mikolaiv. The lady was the last of the Ukrainian refugees that Attila and Adel hosted.

Attila was joined by Csaba Buzogany (a house parent at New Life). It was an incredible journey for them all. The girl had to return to Ukraine for school because online school in the Ukrainian language was no longer available.

Editor's note: Wondering what a Kurto is? I looked it up and I want one.


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