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Making Tissue Paper Flowers in the Rain

The best made plans can always be undone by rain. We could just let it get us down. Then all we would be able to do is watch it rain.

Today we chose to play in the rain.

The day started cooler with dark clouds but we were able to have our regular schedule until just before lunch. Iza had relay games the children were able to play inside the large metal-roofed tent. There was only a drizzle as we went to lunch and later as we walked to the first rotations.

Chris was planting lima beans and teaching about the life cycle of plants. Rain is essential for plant life so the rain was a nice touch!

However, just as the first group in crafts began to fold the tissue paper to make flowers, the heavens opened! In case you didn't know, tissue paper doesn't hold up well in water. Yes, we were under a gazebo, but the wind was blowing and the roof leaked. We managed to move the tissue paper to a safe (enough) place and slide all the children together to save the flowers. Then the children had to run to their next rotation.

Free time was played in mud and drizzle. As we were preparing for supper, Chris's phone's emergency alarm went off to let us know we were under a severe thunderstorm warning. There was distant thunder and black clouds but it certainly didn't damper homemade pizza night!

We all had to run to the "big tent" for our evening singing and devotion. I was so wet that as I write this 3 hours later my shirt is still damp! However, the rain didn't dampen anyone's spirit. The children had so much enthusiasm as they sang, danced, and did all the hand motions to every song. It was deafening with the rain on the metal roof and the children singing!

After Attila preached, there was a talent show. These children are incredibly talented! The winner was a young lady named Betti. She recited a poem she wrote. It was a beautiful tribute to her mother. Betti doesn't know where her mother is or if she is even still alive.

Rain always brings growth. The rain today helped us stretch our imaginations and get out of our comfort zones. We laughed and played. We talked about how Jesus changes us and we grew.


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