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On the Road Again!

After breakfast on Thursday morning Attila, Floyd, and Bonnie packed the car and headed off toward Satu Mare, which is located near the Hungarian border...about a 4-hour drive. It was HOT and there is no AC in the car. Once again, I realize how spoiled we are!

Attila's mom invited us to stop at her home for lunch and a quick visit with her and Mr. Toth. They have been so kind to us for many years and we enjoy being with them. She is one of the best cooks there is! Mr. Toth can build and fix anything. He and Attila spent a few minutes designing something for the Glodeni Farm. Attila's home village, Sarmasag, is about an hour from Satu Mare.

After a wonderful visit and a fantastic meal, we continued on our way. It was late afternoon when we arrived in Satu Mare to a warm welcome from Elizabeth, Blanka, and Benjamin. After a quick visit, Floyd and Benjamin left with Pastor Szabo Szilard for the Ratesti Roma Church worship service - Floyd to preach with Benjamin to translate. When they returned home, we had dinner. Then we went to bed after a long, hot day.

On Friday, Blanka asked Floyd to drive her to Crasna, a village in the Salaj District about 1.5 hours away from Satu Mare. Istvan and Marta Borzasi (he is pastor at Crasna and she is president of the Hungarian Baptist Women of Romania), their daughter, Johanna, and her son, Ezekiel Istvan, were visiting and Blanka really wanted to see them. Johanna married an American pastor, Derrick, and moved to Benton, Oregon 8 years ago. This was her first visit back to Romania!

All of us went to visit the Borzasi family. After the visit, we headed for Zalau. The Vekas family went shopping for clothes for Benjamin--a teacher in need of new school clothes.

Long-time friend and Teleios partner Magdi Pap Suto lives in Zalau. Bonnie and Floyd took the opportunity to visit with her. She picked us up and we had a great time together. Then, we were on the road again back to Satu Mare to get ready for the beginning of the 111-year Jubilee celebration at the Hungarian Baptist Church of Satu Mare on Saturday!


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