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Shalom! A Light set on the Hill!

Shalom! A Light set on the Hill!

When Bonnie and I first visited what became Shalom Baptist Church there were 12 women and 2 men about 10 years ago meeting in a pole and black plastic building with no real roof. They shared a vision of a church and a piece of ground that they dreamed would be there home.

Soon, God led them to a piece of property on the edge of the village. A tin building was constructed where we worship today.

In a couple of months, they will be entering their new stone sanctuary.

The church has grown in so many ways. The main emphasis is reaching their community through serving the needs of the people. Today, Robert Muteithia is the pastor joined by his wife, Lucy, and son, Floyd. He has led them through this amazing growth through serving the community.

Bernard Mwangi, Charles Mbugua, Grace Mbugua, Mishael Mbugua, Bonnie, and I worshipped at this Spirit filled and led church. It was a great day of celebration and the worship service is always a powerfully moving time. We brought greetings from the churches we serve and encouraged them in their faith and vision. I brought the message and Charles Mbugua translated.

The offering is always a special time for me. The baskets are placed at the front as they sing a song of thanksgiving and praise. The people come praising with their offerings. Today, one lady brought two large plastic water pictures for use by the children’s ministry. Robert took them with the offering and blessed the gifts and thanked God in advance for their impact in ministry.

Four women came forward receiving Christ and desiring to be a part of the church. At that point, the celebration broke out as they were prayed over by Robert and then greeted with hugs and handshakes by the church.

The service closed with Bernard Mwangi closed in prayer for the shared needs of all present. Then, we toured the new sanctuary construction.

Tomorrow we travel to Nairobi to fly out early Tuesday.


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