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Sunbelt Marketing Team to Kenya

The Sunbelt Marketing team arrived in Kenya yesterday. Robert, Kenny Strickland, Jeff Tinkle, Will Moran, Sedrick Robinson, Corey Copeland, and Gerber Hernandez!

Robert and Duncan picked them up, and they all enjoyed a short night's rest. Then on to Nyeri! Eight days in the sun and the shadow of Mt. Kenya.

The team woke up ready to go this morning—even getting to Nyeri a little early.

After the two-hour ride, they stopped for lunch, picked up Charles, and headed to meet the Nyeri OVC (Orphan and Vulnerable Children) leadership at Nyeri Baptist Church. Here they met with Elizabeth and Margaret (OVC leadership) and several of the OVC young people whose lives have been impacted by the partnership with Sunbelt.

The team saw one innovation now used in the OVC program—the young people receive training in income generation. The training areas include barber skills, salon for hair and nails, and custom bead jewelry. Their eyes were opened to the transformation these young people have experienced because of Sunbelt’s partnership.

The next stop was the Golden Gate Hotel near Mwiega, Kenya, where the team will stay through Friday. Tomorrow they will head to the Shalom community to be with the Shalom church that Robert pastors, visit with OVC, and have a real Kenyan home-cooked meal!


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