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The Calm before the Wedding

Today, we said goodbye to the Kennys, Days, and Mbuguas as they headed for Sweetwaters for Safari with Duncan and we headed to Nairobi with Robert, Lucy, and Floyd. Thanks for the prayers - we had an easy trip to Nairobi then Dar es Salaam, Tanzania arriving in Iringa.

Bonnie was greeted by the singing and dancing of the children welcoming Mama Bonnie! We are back at home.   

The Kenya Kenny team will worship with Bellevue Baptist Church on Sunday morning and then have Sunday dinner with Stephen and Ann. After that, they will drive to Nairobi on Monday to fly home to Nashville.   

Bonnie and Floyd have begun the "wedding" part of the trip. We will help send off the bride, Suma, tomorrow (Saturday) in Iringa. Then Bonnie and I will relax for a few days. The families begin arriving on Wednesday for Maka and Suma's wedding on Thursday!

These are exciting days as we have watched Maka grow up and now we are able to be there when he and Suma begin their own family.  


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