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The FBC Team is on Their Way Home!

On Thursday, the FBC Chester team left for Rusha National Park/Mwagusi Safari Camp with Masoko Tours--Maka and Habi. We stopped along the way to visit Asante Sana Children's Home.

Great time--they sang "Oh, Lord, I Praise Your Name, when I remember where you took me from I praise your name."

We also greeted our newest child, Nevat.

The team took off for Ruaha and we (Mpeli, Neema, and Floyd ) took off for Iringa. Floyd takes off tomorrow morning for Nairobi.

Earlier today, they visited with church planter Emmanual Mwansasu, his family, and some members of the church in Dar es Salaam.

They are now checked in at the airport and waiting to board to begin their travel home: Dar es Salaam to Amsterdam to Detroit to Charlotte.

Clay, Kristi, Janice, and Doug were awesome! They were great at building relationships and teaching - true partners! Safari Njema!

In the meantime, Bonnie, the Kennys, the Days, and Floyd have all arrived in Tanzania and are looking forward to their time on the second part of this trip!


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