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The Parkers Arrive in Romania

Floyd and Bonnie left yesterday from GSP for Romania.

The purpose of this trip is to visit our Romanian partners and go over the various partnership specifics.

While they are there, they will also be able to celebrate with the Satu Mare Hungarian Chuch - over 100 years of history! They have played a big role in our overall ministry in Romania and were our first partners in the Gospel as Teleios Ministry.

The Parkers arrived earlier today and were greeted at the airport by Lajos Fekete, who is the brother of both Elisabeth Kis and Adel Toth. (Check out the gallery at the bottom of the page for a peek at the beautiful mountains and meadows - and the brown bear! - that greeted them as they traveled from Bucharest to Sacele.)

Bonnie and Elisabeth exactly 24 years after Bonnie's first visit to Romania in August 1999.

After arriving in Sacele, they had dinner with Otto and Elisabeth Kis, our Teleios partners in Sacele. The picture of Bonnie and Elisabeth was taken exactly 24 years after Bonnie's very first trip to Romania!


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