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Traveling to Tanzania

Kilimanjaro, Blue Indian Ocean, and Family.

4 am came early this morning as Bonnie and me set our faces toward Mbeya, Tanzania. We flew out of Nairobi at 7:40 am. In a few minutes, Mt. Kilimanjaro was in full view. Usually we see only the very top above the clouds if we see it at all. But, today we saw the whole mountain.

As we approached Dar es Salaam, we flew over the Indian Ocean and near Zanzibar, another beautiful sight.

We were met by our friends from Airport Transit Lodge. If ever in Dar, this is a simple but very trustworthy, clean, and helpful place to stay or to arrange travel in Dar.

Soon we were winging our way to Mbeya. There is nothing like being greeted by family after a long time away.

Mpeli, Neema, Maka, and Sam were there to meet us. Bonnie received flowers! Hugs were going all around.

We thank God for the love, partnership, and friendship of our Tanzanian family!

After a long day, we are headed to bed early. Tomorrow is another long day for a different reason.

TOMORROW IS THE SEND OFF DAY - the traditional day when the Bride is sent off to her groom’s family. It is a time of celebration, feasting, dancing, prayers, gifts—an amazing day.


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