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Two Churches and Twelve Baptisms

The worship Sunday was Spirit-filled and Spirit-led at the Gornesti church, a multi-ethnic church (Hungarian, Romanian, and Roma). The church was packed with people!

Bonnie brought greetings translated by Adela Nagy, a long-time friend and Teleios partner. Floyd brought the message from Acts 2 & 4. The Gornesti church welcomed home Zozo and Alina as they brought greetings to their home church along with a song then Zozo led the prayer time. The church’s worship team works together to guide the worship service. The worship ended with the Lord’s Supper led by Sandor Rusu, the church leader.

Changed Lives was the theme of the afternoon worship with the Apalina Roma Church.

Twelve people were baptized by Attila Toth. After the baptism, 10 people made decisions to follow Jesus Christ.

Several of their candidates gave their testimony:

One candidate was a former drug and gang leader. As he shared his testimony, he asked the people in the crowd to forgive him — in the crowd were those whose lives or the lives of their loved ones had been destroyed by drugs, some of the women that he had abused, and people who he physically hurt.

A woman who lost a daughter in COVID came to question God — but her daughter’s death led her to faith in Jesus Christ.

The baptism service was held outside, and the church yard was filled with hundreds of people. A real joy is that the believers brought beautiful flowers for each person baptized!

The church arranged for a meal of cabbage rolls and delicious cake.

After the worship service, Attila visited a couple who had not come to the baptism service but heard about it and wanted to repent and follow Jesus Christ.

Words cannot express the movement of God’s Spirit in both services. Bonnie and I remember when neither church existed — only a small house group with Attila beginning his ministry in the area. Children who were in the Gypsy (Roma) children’s camps of years ago were there with their children and calling out, “Bonie, Bonie.”

Glory to God with thanksgiving for allowing Teleios Ministry to be a part of changing lives!


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