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Very Szep

This post was written by Jeni Dover.

As I've reflected on the events of the day, it's hard to know what to write. The schedule was the same today as days 1-3. The only twist on today's relay race was the wet shirt was FROZEN! The teams had to untwist the frozen shirt before it could be moved from teammate to teammate.

It is obvious that the week is winding down and everyone is tired. The great thing is God never winds down or tires. That is obvious here, too.

The children's enthusiasm for singing and hearing God's word has continued to build.

Last night another boy repented and asked Jesus for salvation. Tonight after several testimonies, including Caleb's, a boy asked if everyone could pray together before we dismissed for bed.

As we walked back to our rooms, a beautiful half moon was shining in a perfectly clear sky like an exclamation point on our day. One of the small girls had grabbed my arm for warmth. I pointed at the moon and asked, "Szep?" (Beautiful) Her response was, "Very szep."

The children have stolen our hearts. There are a few that speak English and all the rest want to because they want so badly to communicate with us.

What we cannot communicate with words we have communicated to each other with our hearts and actions much like God does with us. He comes to us and lives with us. He whispers to us in a language we can understand. Our prayer for these children is that they hear His whisper and respond to Him with their hearts.

Nothing could be more szep.


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