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Visiting the New Life Children's Home and Mexican Train

Friday was a full day!

We all went to the New Life Children’s Home to work!

Behind the home are five polytunnels filled with cucumbers, tomatoes, and peppers. Bonnie and Adel headed to the polytunnels and picked cucumbers ready for sale.

The polytunnel vegetables have really produced this year!

Attila and Floyd headed to meet with a local business owner. Then on to the office to go over the Associata Teleios financials and begin talking about plans for the future.

We joined the children for lunch prepared by Melinda Rusu.

They are a great group of kids. The children and staff have truly become a family.

Due to issues in the country with negligent care of the elderly in assisted living homes—all private non-profit homes (elderly and children) are being checked by “control officers.” This has placed an undue hardship on the staff and frightened the children as the officers inspected the home and questioned the staff. Also, this has placed an added cost on New Life Children’s Home to meet “new” requirements. This is one of the major areas of discussion for Attila and Floyd.

The children were so polite with us, laughed and talked with us.

After lunch, we visited a Roma (Gyspy) family in Glodeni. Adel has been assisting the family since finding their 7-month-old baby was malnourished. The family has 14 children (the mom is 45 years old). Seven are married and seven live at home.

While we were there, we visited with one of the Glodeni church members who is the grandmother of 45 grandchildren. Most of her children had gone to other countries to work and she was responsible for the grandchildren. She was not complaining about this, just sharing about her summer.

We returned to New Life. Attila and Floyd hit the office again while Bonnie met with Adela Nagy. Adel left with Caleb and Dani for home.

We met Csaba and Lydia from Hungry (they brought the baptismal pool for Sunday’s baptism).

Also, Lenoard Toth, Attila’s nephew is helping Attila and Adel as he serves as a teacher in the local school.

After a great meal, we broke out the Mexican Train dominos to finish the night!

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