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Worshipping with the Church in Kigonzile

Early Sunday morning the storm came to Iringa — heavy rain and very strong winds knocking down trees and knocking out power. When the sun rose, the rains were either not much or not at all.  


First Baptist Church of Chester partners to provide support for Michael, a church planter and pastor of the Kigonzile church. Today we worshipped at Jerusalem Church Acts Fellowship in Kigonzile, Tanzania right on the edge of Iringa.   

Clay Waldrip, pastor of FBC, brought a clear message from John 3. Kristi Thomas and Douglas Shannon gave their testimonies and greetings. Kigonzile has been growing since Michael and his wife arrived. This was an exciting time of worship and partners meeting.


We jumped in the cars and headed to the downtown Ushindi Center Acts Fellowship. The worship had already started but it was amazing in music and prayer. Not sure if Clay was inspired by the two big storms the previous nights, but he brought a powerful message from Matthew 14 on Jesus calming the storms of life.  


After lunch, we talked and rested then headed off to Bread of Life Secondary School. The young people were great as we shared from God’s word, life experience, and finding out about them. Janice, Doug, and Kisti are looking forward to teaching at BLSS Monday.  

We stopped by the Café to get coffee and samosa but ended up with hot chocolate, cappuccino, mocha/caramel lattes, Fanta orange, and so much more. We had a great time laughing, talking, and getting to know each other!

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